Housing Options

Information and terminology about private and public housing options for seniors.

Downsizing Stress

Posted by on Jun 21, 2011 in Housing Options, Living Arrangements | 0 comments

You have made the decision to move and “downsize” your living arrangements. You have either decided on your own, acted in part because of pressure from family, or put the decision off for so long that now you must move to a care home for medical reasons. Whatever the reason, downsizing can be a stressful and uncertain life transition. There are common reasons behind the stress, and each person will experience them uniquely and in different proportions. Some common stress triggers are grief, resistance, uncertainty and overwhelm. Here are some thoughts on how to cope with them. Give Grief A...

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Aging Parents and Adult Children Living Together? Talk Before You Pack

Posted by on Feb 24, 2011 in Housing Options, Living Arrangements | 0 comments

Are you considering moving in with your adult children? Are you thinking about having your aging parent(s) move into your home? Whatever your reason, you can expect that some intergenerational households will work well, but others are filled with tension. Moving in together can work, but success is greater when everyone pays attention is paid to each others’ autonomy and where certain things are negotiated beforehand:   Respect Autonomy Seniors have been making their own decisions for a long time. Asking them to give up this independence can create feelings of tension and...

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Help Aging Parents Relocate

Posted by on Sep 8, 2010 in Housing Options, Power of Attorney | 0 comments

Selling and leaving a family home of many years is among the most difficult decisions that face families when an aging parent must move. Often the move is the most tangible symbol of another loss – of health or mobility, or loss of a loved one. It’s hard to prepare for the emotional upheaval of moving an aging parent to a retirement residence or care facility. It’s also difficult to dispose of the family home and contents while grieving the loss of a parent. Senior moves and house clearings may involve family members, executors or persons exercising powers of attorney. The...

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We Can’t Go On Like This: Making Smart Housing Transitions

Posted by on Nov 10, 2009 in Housing Options, Living Arrangements | 0 comments

As health, mobility or other circumstances change in your parents’ lives, it’s natural to start looking at how their living arrangements affect them as well as you and your family. Some of the following situations can cause concern and worry for those with aging parents, whether they live close by or far away. Your parent is recently widowed and you are discussing the idea of having them to move closer to you. They are resisting, in spite of your concern for their well-being. You think it might be time for your parents to down-size and consider a care home, but either this...

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