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Aging and Memory Loss.

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A group of senior women share comments on the changes they experience as they grow older.  One says:  “I’m tired of others saying that I’m ‘losing it’ “. Another wonders whether she should be alarmed about her “senior moments.” A third reads from a newspaper article: “Memory changes can cause unfounded fears.” Research shows that the human brain functions well even into advanced age.  Normal changes of aging might affect some aspects of memory and processing information, but people can make simple changes in behaviour to adapt and...

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Workplace Issues in an Aging Canada

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Canada’s aging population has increased dramatically in the last five years. We can expect significant changes to our economy and our workplaces as a result. Census 2006: Age and Sex, released in July, shows nearly one out of every three Canadians is now a “boomer”. Canadians aged 55 to 64 are the fastest growing demographic, up nearly 30 per cent from the last Canadian census five years ago. Higher life expectancy means there are more seniors than ever – now one in seven Canadians. At the same time, declining birthrates mean fewer children. Statistics Canada projects...

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