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Introduction to Old Age Security (OAS) in Canada

Posted by on Sep 8, 2010 in Financial and Tax Matters | 0 comments

 As a senior or concerned family member, are you looking for ways to make the most of your income and assets?. Low income seniors face even greater challenges. Many seniors don’t take advantage of all the seniors’ benefits available to them. Filing a tax return can make a real economic difference, especially to low income seniors. Many government programs that help low income seniors require that you file a tax return. In some cases, the application for the program can be submitted with your return. The Old Age Security Program is the foundation piece for seniors’ benefits...

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Home Care for Canada’s Elderly

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What is Home Care? Home care helps elderly people remain in their own homes, helps reduce hospital admissions, and may allow earlier discharge from hospitals. Home care is appropriate if you need help from registered nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and social workers, or if you need personal care provided by home health aides.   Who provides Home Care? Both public and private sectors offer home and community care services.  Public services are funded and managed by the local health authority. Eligibility depends on a professional’s assessment of your specific needs,...

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Geriatric Specialists in Short Supply

Posted by on Sep 7, 2010 in Health Care Team and System | 0 comments

In a past ElderWise article, “Why Geriatrics and Gerontology Matter”, we discussed the importance of gerontology and of finding geriatric specialists for your aging parents.  Now the bad news: there is currently a shortage of geriatric practitioners in Canada. Dr. Susan J. Torrible, author of a 2006 study into the reasons for this shortage, estimated that there were approximately 200 geriatricians practicing in Canada – but at least three times that number of geriatricians is needed to meet demand.  The study surveyed current Canadian geriatricians, geriatric medicine...

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Memorial Societies in Canada

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When considering and planning your funeral arrangements, one option to consider is to become a member of your local memorial society. These are not-for-profit groups who can (a) guide you in documenting your wishes for funeral arrangements and (b) qualify you for preferred member rates for your funeral expenses. These societies enter into specific rate agreements with one or more local funeral service providers. Click here for: Contact information for all memorial societies operating in Canada....

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