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Services for Aging Parents at a Distance

Posted by on Sep 8, 2010 in Caregiving, Health Care Team and System, Planning | 0 comments

You and your aging parents are cities or provinces apart. Your dad has early dementia and lives at home with your mom. You’ve agreed as a family that your elderly parents need help at home. Mom agrees – now where do you look?  First, know what type of service you want and the terminology to use when searching.  Adult day care programs are offered in the community to provide social activities and health or medical care.  The individual might attend one to five days a week.  Home care or community care programs are offered to help people remain in their own homes, reduce admission...

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Long Distance Caregiving

Posted by on Sep 7, 2010 in Caregiving | 0 comments

Many families are faced with the unique issues of long distance caregiving. The ordinary challenges of helping and caring for aging parents can multiply when you live thousands of miles away or even overseas. Val moved to Canada from England 16 years ago. She became a daughter whose parents lived “across the pond.”  Having made many trips to Britain, Val shared with us some tips that she has learned over the years. Here are the biggest challenges she experienced: Understanding what is going on – and encouraging family at home to be open and honest about the current...

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