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Be “Stroke-Wise!”

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Every 10 minutes, a Canadian will suffer a stroke, meaning strokes affect more than 50,000 Canadians every year. The good news is that recognizing early warning signs and getting prompt treatment has improved the chance of surviving a stroke. A stroke is a medical emergency caused by decreased blood flow to the brain. Blood flow is interrupted by a blood clot (blockage) or rupture of a blood vessel.  Without oxygen, brain cells die. Depending on the size and location of the stroke, the individual loses some function. You can reduce your risk for stroke by making these choices in your daily...

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Drawbacks of Bed Rest

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Sometimes acute injury or illness leaves a senior bedridden but too much bed rest can have negative health effects. For the older adult, bed rest or chair rest, even for a few days, can cause deconditioning; that is changes in muscle strength and muscle bulk that can result in dependence and  impairment in balance.  Muscle strength is important to perform daily activities.  For example, strength in the quadriceps (thigh muscle) is necessary to rise from a chair, independently. Loss of strength in the muscles of the ankle joint may result in falls. Deconditioning can result in a loss of...

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Male Breast Cancer

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Special events and the color pink draw our attention to Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October. Overwhelmingly breast cancer occurs in women. However, 1% of all breast cancer patients are men, and it usually strikes them in later life. One per cent may not sound like a lot, but consider that 1 in 9 women are expected to develop breast cancer in their lifetimes; therefore, the figure for men is 1 in 900. The most common symptoms of male breast cancer are a small painless lump and/or a small discharge from the nipple.  Most men don’t immediately associate a lump in the breast with...

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Adverse Drug Reactions

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Seniors may need both prescription and over the counter medications to manage chronic conditions. Packaging of over the counter medications and printouts given with prescription drugs include a list of “adverse reactions” that each product can cause.  But what exactly are adverse drug reactions? And what about side effects and allergic reactions?  An adverse drug reaction refers to any unwanted effects of a medication.  These can range from uncomfortable symptoms to potentially dangerous reactions. Adverse drug reactions do NOT alter the effectiveness (or efficacy) of the drug....

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