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Avoiding Danger @ Home

Posted by on May 15, 2012 in Safety Concerns | 0 comments

Safety, including safety in and around our homes, becomes more top-of-mind as we age. Why be concerned? As we grow older, we gradually lose some of our physical strength and mobility. Reflexes may slow, affecting the speed with which we can react to dangerous situations. While some of our cognitive functions actually improve as we get older, others start to slow or decline. This may start happening as early as in our mid-50’s – even for otherwise healthy people! Our home is a good place to start when evaluating our overall safety. Performing a home “safety audit” is a first step to...

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Parents Who Won’t Accept Help

Posted by on Feb 7, 2012 in Caregiving, Family Relationships, Sensitive Conversations | 0 comments

Originally published at on September 3, 2010. Seniors resist help at home Susan Pigg, Living Reporter More than half of seniors resist asking for help, even from their adult children, fearing it signals a neediness that could land them in a nursing home, a new study shows. That fierce resistance is playing out in so many family squabbles — from the silent treatment to bitter turf wars between aging parents and their grown kids — that the home-care agency Home Instead Senior Care has just launched a series of online self-help videos, one of them focusing on communication....

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Senior-Friendly Transportation

Posted by on Mar 1, 2011 in Safety Concerns | 0 comments

Many older persons realize that driving safely becomes more challenging and stressful because of age-related changes in vision, hearing, and general flexibility.  These wise drivers adapt by changing their driving habits. They avoid night driving because of limited vision, and the glare of oncoming headlights. They rely on other transportation when weather is bad, and road conditions are poor. But sometimes changing driving habits is not enough. Some seniors stop driving altogether – either by choice or by medical decision – and they must rely on others. Often, this means riding...

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Safety on Stairs

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Declining muscle strength and increasing physical limitations mean that using stairs becomes more challenging for seniors. That’s why they are more likely to fall than younger adults. Seniors who fall are more likely to sustain serious injuries, including fractures. Falling may also cause seniors to lose confidence in their abilities, which can lead to social withdrawal.  Up to 15% of all falls by seniors involve stairs. Sustaining a fall also increases the chances of a senior moving into a nursing home. FORTY PER-CENT of care home admissions are fall-related, and an independent senior...

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Medication Misuse Among Seniors

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Fifty-five per-cent of Canadians aged 15-65 lack the literacy skills to follow drug llabels. These shocking numbers are from a 2003 study of more than 23,000 Canadians. This and several health literacy studies in the U.S. are raising serious alarms about senior safety. Seniors take 2 to 3 times more medications than the general population. They are more likely to have lower literacy rates, and they report difficulty remembering information on medication labels. Studies show that patients who have lower literacy or health illiteracy are more likely to report misuse of medications, and...

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