Tax Filing for Low Income Seniors

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Seniors may feel the effects of a major change in tax filing procedures for Canadians introduced for the 2012 tax yearAs a cost-saving measure, the Canada Revenue Agency is “encouraging” Canadians to file our returns on-line. Beginning this year, paper forms will no longer automatically be mailed out!

However, you have these other options:

  • Pick up forms at a post office or Service Canada outlet (tax office).
  • Download and print forms from the CRA website
  • Order a copy from CRA by Internet or by phone. Call 1-800-959-2221.

Note that the TELEFILE service has also been discontinued. 


Since these changes presents a potential problem for persons with mobility issues, please plan well ahead for yourself and your loved ones…and help spread the word. For more information, consult this web page.

April 30 is the deadline for filing personal income tax returns in Canada. Maybe you (or a senior in your family) feel that, because you have a low income, filing your taxes can’t possibly make a difference to you or the government.

However, filing a tax return can be especially important for low income seniors. Many Government of Canada programs that help low income seniors require that you file a tax return. In some cases, the application for the program can be submitted with your return.

Some low income seniors may struggle to complete their tax return, or may need physical assistance to read and to complete their return. Help is available in many communities, in different formats.

Volunteer Clinics – Volunteers meet with you and help you complete your tax return. Usually clinics run at specific times and places. You may need to pre-book an appointment

Do-it-yourself clinics – Bring all your paper work, T4, tax forms, and learn how to fill in your own return.

Drop-off service – Bring all your paper work and drop it off. Your return is completed by a staff member or volunteer and you return to pick it up at a specified time. Again, you may need to book an appointment. 

Volunteer tax preparation clinics are offered every year between February and April in various locations across Canada. For more information about these free services, you can:

1. Search online for “volunteer tax preparation clinic” with your city or town,

2. Call the Canada Revenue Agency at 1-800-959-8281

3. Click on

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