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Healthy Eating for the Elderly

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Healthy food choices for those in mid-life and senior years may not be as straightforward as for younger people. If the joy of food isn’t what it used to be, or if you’re concerned about a family member’s nutrition, it’s worth noting that healthy eating might be affected by: Physical changes associated with aging Social factors, such as living alone Mobility and transportation Decreased energy and functioning  Older persons may need fewer calories, making it more challenging to ingest enough nutrients. Physical activity may be curtailed, leading to reduced appetite levels. Taste and smell...

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Volunteering: Benefits for Seniors

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Why do Canadian seniors volunteer? A survey of senior volunteers in Canada finds that 95% volunteer for a cause they believe in.  Seventy percent said they volunteered for a cause that had personally affected them. Some volunteered as a way to use their skill base and years of experience (81%). Others were looking for a way to explore their own strengths (57%).  What else motivates seniors to volunteer? Developing new skills and staying connected to their own passions inspires many seniors to volunteer.  Volunteering leads to meeting new people, staying active in the community, and serving...

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Warning Signs Your Aging Parents Need Help

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When you first suspect that your aging parents may be experiencing health or mobility issues, it can come as a shock both to you and to them.  Knowing some warning signs and steps to take can help you all prepare to handle the changes that are coming.  Many seniors can still manage the activities of daily living with little or no assistance.  But advancing age can mean that some will need help with housekeeping, home maintenance, and transportation. Others may need more attention because of acute or chronic health problems. The PARENT acronym may help draw your attention to how your parents...

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Keys to Enjoying Later Life

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Guest author: Patricia Morgan Fred, the oldest known goldfish, lived to forty-one years of age. It’s a mystery how he did it. But, unlike Fred, we don’t need to live inside a fishbowl to enjoy a long, full and vibrant life. Certainly a sense of playful humor seems to be a key ingredient for seniors who live an energetic and meaningful life. For people like my mother, it’s true that aging bodies disintegrate or rust out and health challenges may minimize some choices. Yet an attitude of optimism, good humor and passion can ease the day. Mom’s passion for gardening...

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